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General description

Pownodes is a dash fork, created to value the method created by satoshi nakamoto, proof-of-work is method without errors.

Functions of Pownodes

  • Passive income with a masternode
  • Mining
  • Private send
  • Fast transactions around the world
  • Transactions without fee
  • Instant transactions.
  • and more.

Fast, Secure and Passive income


Have complete ownership and control over your finances.


Passively rewards creating a masternode

Easy Wallet

Easy to receive and send coins

Instant transactions

The wallet has swiftTX technology, so users can make really instant transactions


As a Pownodes owner, you’re part of a powerful support network

Zero fee

The wallet has 0fee technology, so users can make transactions with no fee

Facts in digits

Currencies in circulation

Active users

Active Masternodes
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Some facts

Initial Coin Offering

Amount of coins 1 000 000:
90% Crowdsale
5% For team
5% Bounty and airdrops

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Our special way

Pownodes Road Map

Q2 - 2019
Start mainet

Mainnet is started.

Q2 - 2019
Crowdsale started

Crowdsale starts to get funds to list in exchanges.

Q2 - 2019
Investment in market and bounty

Hard marketing investiment in market and bounty for users.

Q2 - 2019
Listing in exchanges and the end of crowdsale

With the funds collected, we will list in the best possible exchanges.

Q3 - 2019
Web wallet

Release Web wallets to facilitate the use of pownodes

Q3 - 2019
Paper wallet

Paper wallet for full security of your coins.

Q3 - 2019
Main Faucet

Create a Faucet for promote Pownodes.

Q4 - 2019
Android Wallet

Release Android wallets to facilitate the use of pownodes.

Q4 - 2019
Community news

Use community votes to decide the future of the currency via masternode vote.

Crowdsale open!

100000 300000 500000 700000 900000
0.00001 BTC Price per coin
0.00002 BTC Next price per coin

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Have any questions?

What is the difference between Pownodes Coin and Bitcoin?

Pownodes has faster transactions, while the bitcoin network needs 10 minutes to perform a transaction the Pownodes network needs only 2 minutes to do a nomal transaction but we also have the option to do an instant transaction for a little more fee.

Pownodes has the technology of masternode that maintains the network safe and also brings passive income for who owns a masternode.

Pownodes has the option to make transactions with no fee. If the network allows, transactions with 0 fee can be made by users.

How i can buy POWN?

You can buy talking with developer(Viserk#5213) via discord or via website

Can I mine POWN?

Yes, Pownodes is a coin for miners. or transactions method is like Bitcoin, with proof-of-work

Talk with us via discord

Mining pools


Mining pool


-a quark -o stratum+tcp://acpool.pro:4035 -u -p x

The Crypto Miner Pool

Mining pool

The Crypto Miner Pool

YIIMP based
HTTPS secure website
No registration required!!
Payouts every hour
2% pool fee
Dedicated port per coin
Regional stratum servers